Saturday, January 29, 2011

Convergys BPO interview

Today I have attended covergys interview for the position of TSO voice process
Initially I am with a lot of confidence today.
And the first round is done greatly , i was the only one who got selected in that round.
It is all about communication skills, we have to choose a topic of our own and have to go ahead speaking about that for a minute or two.
I have chosed a topic Education system in India and started saying,
In India, education system is still so bad.Government has to take prior steps in providing the proper education.There are so many universities providing so many courses.But including multiple subjects in a semester or a year doesn't yield experts.If we speak about a profession engineering course, how good if the student studies the same subject for all the four years, he might become an expert after his education.And such kind of system will generate so many scientists and so many experts.Government has to take prior steps for doing so.And ofcourse engineering has multiple programs,but still sub programs are to be provided.like if we take electronics engg and it has got so many different subjects, but related one is very much enough for being an expert.
**And HR asked me , what do you think about the standards of western education system.
I told him clearly that I have never been to western countries for doing MS programs and so on, but I heard that they provide real time projects in the mid of the term. And believe many of the students are going there only to gain jobs and not for studying with study visa.
Second round was conducted after a long time waiting for almost one and half hour,
I was given a SET 2 paper to answer.It is all about Windows operaring sys, and they have concentrated much on vista and xp(profession and home edition) and
Does XP allow VPN connections.
Will media player on one host shares its library with the other pc.(I said not possible.)
How does drivers signing been checked,
I remember only these unknown qns,remaining are so easy.
THIRD round was the most difficult round and the main reason behind writing all this is only about the third round victory today,
I remember her name was Seema who interviewed me on phone,
She wished me and asked if i am at the consultancy or convergys at this time,
I am not sure if it was that.
And then I started being with present mind, and i heard what she says,
She asked my name with spelling and Date of Birth and experience.
I said everything and repeated again on her request for verification.
And she asked me to read the passage infront of me once she say start,
And I even remember what was the passage.
Once there was a father who was a farmer, and he has a thumb sized son, he didn't grow up even the size of breadth of hair after so many years.
One day when the father was going to plough, son asked , " father , I will also come with you", then father said you are of no use and you can't do anything unless you are a burden for me over there.( meaning was same,sentence may got modified.)
Then son started crying and for peace sake father took him along with him in his pocket.
Once he was out side at the field , he took him from his pocket and put him in a newly cut furry.
Whilst he sat down there was a big sized man there on the hill. Father asked the son, did you see the big boogie ,he was coming to fetch you for the reason to scarce him for understanding.
As he said, the big boogie started walking two steps and took the thumbster in between his fingers. and took him along with him with out speaking a word.And the father was also silent as he was utterly afraid of this situation.And that he never saw his son again and thought that he was lost for ever.
(Some of the wordings are changed as i forgot the construction but the meaning was absolute)Its the end of the story and next was pronouncations about 13, she will be asking one by one with the number and we have to reply.
And i was given a topic to compare television news channel and news paper, which one do i feel is best.
I told news channel is always best than news paper. In short it was that ongoing news happened just now or one hour here and there will be shown live on news channels and news papers will deliver the same next day after the paper being opened.


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